Deep Work

Author: Cal Newport,

Rating: 4 out of 5.

First of all, I should mention that I indeed found this book very useful despite my mild annoyance with repeated use of the word “Deep work” (But hey, that’s the title of the book). The book does a pretty good job of clarifying what it means by shallow or deep work, and then essentially recommends directing your energy toward the latter. The author Cal Newport highlights the onslaught of constant distractions from modern internet usage (in case you have already not noticed it), and provides either a research-based or anecdotal argument about the impact it has on an individual or organization. The ideas highlighted in the book to address this issue will sometimes sound obvious, such as organizing your daily schedule as a guide for the day, or, may sound extreme (to some), such as giving up social media and changing email etiquette. I can see that the efforts required to pursue the suggestions made by the author would certainly give one more insight into one’s priorities, and can help in achieving a better professional life.

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